Invoice Runs

Invoice Runs is a very simple concept; it’s a collection of invoices that were all created at the same time.  If you have not seen the Generate Invoices video/article we would recommend taking a look at that first so you can understand how a run is created.  Click HERE for the Generate Invoices article. 

How to View Invoice Runs

  1. LOGIN to LMN Time
  2. Click INVOICES 
  • Here you will see all of your Invoice Runs. Anytime you Generate one or multiple invoices it will collaborate those invoices into a single run so you can look back at a specific date and time and user name, and see the invoices generated within that date and time.
  • Show Runs by User drop down: Will filter the run by user
  • Date Range: Filter by date range
  • If you select a specific run, it will take you to a view of all the individual invoices that were generated at this date and time.
  • From here you can select a specific Invoice and make any edits or changes that you please to that specific invoice.


How To Delete Invoice Runs

  • Click the Screen_Shot_2017-05-08_at_6.19.52_PM.pngRevert icon  
    • This run will be deleted and your invoices will go back to the GENERATE tab


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