Setting Up LMN Time Jobs For Invoicing

Manual Invoice Setup

This article will go over the basic invoicing setup for a job in LMN Time that was not imported from an estimate.

To get the job in Time ready for invoicing, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the JOB you wish to setup from your Jobs list in LMN Time
  2. On the JOB INFO tab, link the job to the CRM by clicking on LINK CUSTOMER shown below
  3. Search for the Contact name or create new. 
  4. Make sure the correct contact is selected and the correct jobsite, then hit OK.
  5. Click on INVOICING in your left hand menu, then click on SETUP JOB FOR INVOICING.
  6. Based on the image shown below, enter in the following information under Contract Details:
  • Start Date and End Date for the contract. 
  • PO Number and Contract # - These fields are optional but these will show up on the Invoice if used.
  • Extra Billing - This is where you decide how you want to handle extras that come up that are not included in the contract. You can either choose to invoice extras separately, or add them to your monthly invoices.
  • Default Note - This is a description that will show up on the line items in your invoices that you will be giving to clients for monthly payments outlining what the charge is for.
  • Default Cost Code - Which cost code to apply for the monthly payments. *Please note Service cost codes are determined by the task the foreman was clocked into.
  • Default Tax - Sets default tax for monthly payments. 
  1. In the Monthly Invoice Schedule section enter in the dollar amount for the service contract and select the number of payments from the drop down menu. 
  2. Select which day of the month the invoices should be billed on.
  3. Click the CALCULATE PAYMENTS button.
  4. Confirm the Monthly Payment breakdown is correct and click OK.


If you want to add Services to this contract please refer to our article on setting up Services HERE.

If you need to add activities to your job for tracking for invoicing, please refer to our article on setting up activities for billing located HERE.

From here you're ready to start generating your invoices. Check out our article on how to generate invoices located HERE.


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