quickbooks error authentication did not authenticate successfully QuickBooks: ERROR: Did Not Authenticate Successfully

If you encounter the "did not authenticate successfully" error when trying to first login to the LMN QuickBooks Sync tool, there are a few steps you can take to diagnose and resolve the issue.


Credential Verification

The first step in diagnosing and fixing this error is verifying the credentials are correct and that you have the correct permissions. Follow the below steps to complete this verification. 

      1. Open up a notepad / word processor such as Microsoft word on your computer. 
      2. Type in your username and password on separate lines. This will ensure they look correct. 
      3. Go to my.golmn.com and copy and paste the username and password you entered in the previous step.
        NOTE: It is important you copy and paste to ensure the same credentials are used for verification.&nbsp
      4. If the login is successful, try copying and pasting the same username and password to the appropriate fields in the sync tool. If this does not work please proceed to the next step. 
      5. Have your admin login to LMN, go the account, setup users, click on your username, click security and have them ensure you have accounting access enabled. If disabled, have then enable it and try the sync tool again. 

If these steps still do not rectify the issue please proceed to the next section.


Connectivity & Diagnosis

The next possibility is internet connectivity and or computer time mismatch issues. If your internet connection is slow/unusable or you are disconnected it may cause this issue. Please follow the below steps on the same computer as the sync tool.

    1. Open a web browser and go to speedtest.net  
    2. If the page does not load you are not connected to the internet. Please contact your I.T dept. for further assistance.
    3. confirm that the test results display above 1 Mbps download and 0.2 Mbps download. If not your internet may be to slow to support the QuickBooks sync tool. Please contact support@golmn.com for more info. 


Anti-Virus / Filtering programs

The last step in diagnosing the issue would be ensuring no 3rd party software or programs are blocking the LMN sync tool from sending or receiving information. This blocking can occur with Antivirus software and traffic filtering programs both on your computer or on your network hardware such as the router. To diagnose this please contact your company I.T dept. for assistance. 




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