Release Notes May 2017

LMN has completed another major update!

As per user request, we have updated the following features:

General Updates

  1. Upgraded site security – site and SLL updates encrypt and protect your data from the latest vulnerabilies. LMN gets an ‘A’ rating by independent tests:
  2. Upgraded database security – using Microsoft’s latest AI to detect/block/prevent attacks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  3. Account Management – upgrade/downgrade your LMN subscription
  4. User interface upgrades for improved viewing on tablets/smaller screens

CRM Updates

  1. Added ability to launch email to contacts directly from CRM contact screen
  2. Added ability to timesheet photos from jobs on the CRM Jobsite screen
  3. Improved support for downloading Excel export files for Safari users (note: make sure you update your Mac to the latest version of OSX)

Estimate Updates

  1. Added ability to launch email to client, directly from the estimate screen
  2. Service Estimates – added ‘service type’ to services for better/faster job setup in LMN Time
  3. Service Estimates – added Per Visit/Per Season view for simpler, easier viewing of price data
  4. Item Catalog - Taxes - Update made for decimal places to accommodate New Jersey member tax rate.

LMN Time Updates

Importing Service Estimates

  1. Auto-link LMN Time job to CRM Client/Jobsite/Contact
  2. Automated service/activity setup for tracking/billing
  3. Automated rate setup for hourly tasks/services


  1. Create LMN Time jobs using LMN CRM info
    • Link existing LMN Time jobs to LMN CRM
    • View CRM information from LMN Time
  2. Added ability to update job with latest customer/jobsite address data from CRM
  3. LMN Time Jobs screen – added Select All checkbox at top
  4. Added services for improved/simpler tracking of work completed
  5. Added ability to link activities to services for simpler timesheets and accurate billing/invoicing
  6. Added ability to hide tasks from crew timesheets (used when tasks are completed and you don’t want to show them anymore)


  1. Added mouse-over help text on app bar buttons

LMN Time Settings

  1. Added new settings for services
    • Added ability to hide services from timesheets (used when service is completed/no longer needed)
    • Added ability to custom sort services – so they appear on crew timesheets in a specific order
  2. Added new settings for activities
    • Flag for Review – to highlight specific activities for extra-careful review before billing
    • Minimum quantity - ability to override timesheet quantities with a minimum quantity for invoicing
    • Added default quantity to activities – will auto-fill track qty field with a default to make crew timesheets easier/faster/more accurate
    • Added ability to hide from timesheets when activities are complete/no longer needed
  3. New – Timesheet Review screen
    • Quickly review daily activity by foreman
    • Review/sort by foreman, date and staff group
    • Review all completed services/activities

LMNTime App Updates

  1. Updated clockout screen to hide linked activities unless specific services are completed
  2. Adding a new clock-in button to make clocking in easier for your crews.
  3. Foreman have the ability to check off activities that were completed specifically for a particular service.

LMNTime Report Updates

  1. Payroll Reports – added ability to filter by Staff Group
    • Detail and summary reports
  2. Payroll Excel Exports – added ability to filter by Staff Group
    • Detail and summary exports
  3. New Report – Job History Report – shows all task/notes and billing information for specific jobs/date range
  4. Streamlined LMN Time reports – less reports, more options on each report to show/hide specific information

LMN/QuickBooks Sync Updates

  1. Improved address formatting


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