LMN Update 17.05 - Release Notes

LMN has completed another major update!

As per user request, we have updated the following features:

General Updates

  • Upgraded site security – site and SLL updates encrypt and protect your data from the latest vulnerabilies. LMN gets an ‘A’ rating by independent tests:
  • Upgraded database security – using Microsoft’s latest AI to detect/block/prevent attacks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Account Management – upgrade/downgrade your LMN subscription
  • User interface upgrades for improved viewing on tablets/smaller screens

CRM Updates

  • Added ability to launch email to contacts directly from CRM contact screen
  • Added ability to timesheet photos from jobs on the CRM Jobsite screen
  • Improved support for downloading Excel export files for Safari users (note: make sure you update your Mac to the latest version of OSX)

Estimate Updates

  • Added ability to launch email to client, directly from the estimate screen
  • Service Estimates – added ‘service type’ to services for better/faster job setup in LMN Time
  • Service Estimates – added Per Visit/Per Season view for simpler, easier viewing of price data

LMN Time Updates

Importing Service Estimates

  • Auto-link LMN Time job to CRM Client/Jobsite/Contact
  • Automated service/activity setup for tracking/billing
  • Automated rate setup for hourly tasks/services


  • Create LMN Time jobs using LMN CRM info
    • Link existing LMN Time jobs to LMN CRM
    • View CRM information from LMN Time
  • Added ability to update job with latest customer/jobsite address data from CRM
  • LMN Time Jobs screen – added Select All checkbox at top
  • Added services for improved/simpler tracking of work completed
  • Added ability to link activities to services for simpler timesheets and accurate billing/invoicing
  • Added ability to hide tasks from crew timesheets (used when tasks are completed and you don’t want to show them anymore)


  • Added mouse-over help text on app bar buttons

LMNTime Settings

  • Added new settings for services
    • Added ability to hide services from timesheets (used when service is completed/no longer needed)
    • Added ability to custom sort services – so they appear on crew timesheets in a specific order
  • Added new settings for activities
    • Flag for Review – to highlight specific activities for extra-careful review before billing
    • Minimum quantity - ability to override timesheet quantities with a minimum quantity for invoicing
    • Added default quantity to activities – will auto-fill track qty field with a default to make crew timesheets easier/faster/more accurate
    • Added ability to hide from timesheets when activities are complete/no longer needed
  • New – Timesheet Review screen
    • Quickly review daily activity by foreman
    • Review/sort by foreman, date and staff group
    • Review all completed services/activities

LMNTime App Updates

  • Updated clockout screen to hide linked activities unless specific services are completed
  • Adding a new clock-in button to make clocking in easier for your crews.
  • Foreman have the ability to check off activities that were completed specifically for a particular service.

LMNTime Report Updates

  • Payroll Reports – added ability to filter by Staff Group
    • Detail and summary reports
  • Payroll Excel Exports – added ability to filter by Staff Group
    • Detail and summary exports
  • New Report – Job History Report – shows all task/notes and billing information for specific jobs/date range
  • Streamlined LMN Time reports – less reports, more options on each report to show/hide specific information

LMN/QuickBooks Sync Updates

  • Improved address formatting



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