guide invoicing review invoice run invoice status review invoice approve invoice approving invoices update status approve exported mulitple pending acct inv# Reviewing + Approving Invoices

This article will show you how to set the review and approved statuses for your invoices within LMN.

How to Review & Approve Invoices

Reviewing & Approving invoices will automatically change the status on the invoice.

  1. LOGIN to LMN Time
  2. Click on INVOICES
  3. Click on INVOICES (on the left side menu)
  4. Click on the invoice you wish to Review or Approve
  5. invoices_screen.PNG
  6. Click on the REVIEW or APPROVE button on the bottom task bar


 *Note: You must have the appropriate permission levels to change the status of an invoice.

How to Review or Approve Multiple Invoices

  1. Click on INVOICES
  2. Click on INVOICES (left side menu)
  3. Select multiple invoices using the checkbox beside all that apply. Additionally, use the top checkbox to select all on the page.
  4. invoice_selection.PNG
  5. After selecting the applicable invoices, select the status you wish to change them to. status.PNG


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