contract invoicing job faq How do I Setup an LMN Time Job for Invoicing

NOTE: The following feature is only accessible with an LMN Pro subscription. For more information please review the demo below:

LMN Pro Overview

If you have jobs in LMN Time that you want to build contracts for, you can do so by following the steps below.

    1. Jump into the job that you wish to update and click on the Invoicing tab.
    2. Click Setup Job for Invoicing.
    3. Based on your Invoice Settings, some information will be pre-populated for you.  If you wish to update any of this information, you can update in the fields provided.  For more information on Invoice Settings, click HERE.
    4. Since you are creating this contract directly in LMN Time, you will need to add a Contract Service Total and # of Payments.  Keep in mind, our contract only needs to indicate Billing Type: Per Season pricing.  Any Per Visit or Per Hours/Unit will be considered Extra Billing and will be added into the jobs separately.
    5. You will also need to pick the Day of the Month you want to generate the Monthly Invoices.
    6. If you click Calculate Payments, LMN will break your payments out as indicated in the settings above.
    7. LMN will show you the payment breakdown prior to scheduling the Invoicing.  If any of the payments have already been collected, you can check the Skip Monthly Payments checkbox.  If you are happy with the totals, click OK.
    8. You're all set- you can now generate Invoices for this job!


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