LMN Budgeting & Estimating Glossary

Please see the following definitions for terms in LMN Budgeting & Estimating.



CRM Also known as the Customer Relationship Manager, the CRM is essentially a database for your leads and clients.
Tags Customizable fields which can be attached to your leads and clients for sorting and exporting purposes.  Tags might differentiate between different types of work offered to your contacts (ie. Residential Maintenance, Snow, Design Build, Lighting, etc).  Multiple tags can be applied to any customer at any time.
To-Dos Tasks which can be assigned to your Budgeting & Estimating staff within LMN.



Item Catalog  
Categories Customizable fields which can be attached to your materials and templates for sorting and exporting purposes.  Categories might differentiate between different Vendors or Material Types (Materials) or different divisions of work (Templates).
Templates Templates can be created for specific work areas within an estimate.  A Template will hold any items (labor, equipment, materials, subs, other) and notes related to a certain type of work.  Templates can then be added to an estimate.  You might wish to create Templates for work that you bid often (ie. Patio, Pergola, Planting
Prod Rate - Template Green calculators available in Templates which will allow you to calculate materials required on a project.  
Prod Rates - Item Catalog Purple calculators available in Estimates which will allow you to calculate labor required on a project.



Divisions Divisions will be applied to your estimates and indicate your different divisions of work (ie. Snow, Maintenance, Design Build, etc).
Cost Codes Directly related to Quickbooks, cost codes will be applied to each Work/Service Area.  Cost codes are going to be matched to Service Items in Quickbooks for integration purposes.  
Statuses Statuses will be created for different steps in your company's sales pipeline.  Statuses will be changed as your estimate moves through the sales process.
Standard Estimate Standard Estimates will be created for any project-type work (ie. Design Build, Construction, Installation, etc).
Service Estimate Service Estimates will be created for any recurring work (ie. Maintenance, Snow, etc).
Client Notes Notes which can be added to estimates for customer-facing proposals.  Client Notes can be used for descriptions, legal text, etc.
Crew Notes Notes which can be added to estimates for internal documents.  Crew Notes can be used to share customer-specific information, tool checklists, installation instruction, etc.  Crew notes will be imported into LMN Time so when your crew clocks into a specific task a popup will generate on their phones.
Work Area Different sections of work within your Standard Estimate.  Work Areas may include Patio, Pergola, Garden, Walkway, etc.
Service Area Different sections of work within your Service Estimate.  Service Areas may include Mowing, Fertilization, Pruning, Salting, Plowing, etc.
Billing Type For Service Estimates only, Billing Type indicates how your customer would be charged for a certain Service Area in your estimate.
Service Type For Service Estimates only, Service Types can be applied to Service Areas.  Once the estimate goes to LMN Time, Service will help to track what has been completed on a job.



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