Services & Service Types in Estimates

In order to accommodate for invoicing, some changes have been made to Service Estimates.  

Please see the following updates:

Service Types

Services are a very important feature in LMN Time as they allow you to track what was completed on a job. For example - when a crew clocks out of a job, services are going to pop-up and ask if they completed them or not. Services are also very useful for billing and reporting purposes.  

For more information on creating Services, click HERE. For more information on applying Services to estimates, click HERE.

When you import an estimate into LMN Time, the Services will come with it.  This will include the Est Visits, Billing Type and Price (if applicable).




Contracts will apply to your Billing Type: Per Season services.  Here, you will be able to determine the dates and breakdown for each payment for the estimate.  For more information on contracts, click HERE.


Once imported, you will be able to generate invoices from LMN Time as per your contract!



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