service estimate services service type maintenance estimate invoicing hourly faq reporting import rates billed per visit What are Service Types Used For on Service Estimates?

If you have any existing estimates in LMN, you will notice that there is now a Service Type field available for selection.  You will need to add a Service Type for each Service Area in your Estimates in order for it to come over to LMN Time appropriately.

Before you can add Service Types to Estimates, you will need to create them in LMN Time.  To create Service Types, please follow the steps HERE

Once your Service Types are created, follow the instructions below to apply them to Estimates.

  1. Select the Estimate you wish to edit and go to the Services + Pricing Tab.
  2. Click on the service area you wish to edit.
  3. Click the drop-down under Service Type to select the related Service Type.mceclip0.png
  4. Add a Service Type for all service areas in your estimate and then click Save.mceclip1.png
  5. If you have any services with Billing Type: Per Hour/Unit, we suggest that you adjust your labor directly in the Estimate based on any different rates you will offer (ie. Maintenance Labor @ $42.36/hour and Supervisor Labor @ $60.00/hour).  Once you import the estimate into LMN Time, any rates in the job will be automatically added into the Job in Time under Hourly Rates (see below).
  6. Once you import this job to Time, two Hourly Rates will be offered for the Job: Maintenance Labor and Supervisor Labor (see below).  For more information on Importing Jobs into LMN Time, click HERE.Screenshot_10.jpg


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