LMN Time Job Menu

LMN Time JOBS side menu has had a facelift so that you are able to navigate through your Job details more easily.

To access the new Job Menu:

1. Login to your LMN Time Account.

2. Select JOBS along the top menu.

3. Pick any job from your list of jobs.





LMN Time already had the capability to link your CRM contacts to your LMN Time Jobs but you now have the ability to create new contacts within LMN Time that will automatically add the contact to the CRM tool or link existing. You can view the contact from the Job Info screen by clicking on the binoculars icon or click on the name of the contact to change it or create a new one. 
We also moved the Notes, Groups & Payroll Settings tabs from the side menu into the Job Info Tab to keep this important information all in one place.



Job Files were created so that you can upload important documents such as drawings, job planners, job site photos, etc.  Any Files uploaded here will be visible to field crews via the LMN Time app.

Link CRM File - This button will link any photos that you have previously attached to your CRM Contact, Jobsite, or Estimate.

Upload Files - This will allow you to upload any files or photos from your computer.

Download Archive - LMN will download all the files in this section into a .zip file.

Search Bar - You can search for any file or photo on this screen. You also have the ability to sort files for better search navigation.



Track Time

CLOCK-IN TASKS - Previously known as Tasks. Clock-in Tasks are still essential for time tracking as they allow you to track time spent on a specific part of a Job.  

VIEW PROGRESS - View Progress was previous named Review.  This page is going to allow you to see a snapshot of your crews progress of the Job as a whole; estimated vs actual hours, estimated vs. actual hours by task and any timesheet activity associated to this particular job.

Track Services

INVOICING (LMNPro Only) - Here you will be able to setup your Jobs for invoicing. Create monthly contract start and end dates, monthly payment schedules, and see the average payments that you will be getting from your customers each month. 

SERVICES - Services are used to track services completed for billing or tracking purposes.  Services will be prompted on your crews phones upon clock out of a Job, from here they can select whether a service was completed or not.


ACTIVITIES/MATERIAL - You will now be able to link specific Activities/Materials to a specific service for billing and tracking purposes.




INVOICES - Invoices that have been generated will be listed here for you to review. From this screen you can click into the invoice to see all details. You can also see what status the invoice is in; pending, approved, or billed. 


TIMESHEET PHOTOS -  Any photos that your crews take in the field and attach to this job will show up here for your review.  You can also choose to download the photos either one at a time, or all photos at one time with the Download Archive button.


 *The Menu Tabs that are not mentioned above have not been updated.



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