Streamlined Reporting in LMN Time

LMN Time offers many different types of reports - Payroll, Jobs, Billing, Scheduling, Dashboard, Exports.

As per user request, we have combined multiple reports into one! You will not longer have to pull multiple reports to get all of the information that you are looking for in order to bill your customer or simply do job costing.

Billing Reports:

  • Condensed the below reports to show more information on one report.


Service/Activity Summary Report:

  • You can now see which services/activities are Billable.


Job Reports

Task Hours (By Job) is now called Job History (All Details):

  • You can see who the foreman that was onsite.
  • Number of staff.
  • If you make an activity non-billable, it will now show the quantity, a rate of $0 and total price of $0.
  • The address and Job ID have now been added to the header of the report.


Payroll/Staff Reports

Payroll - Daily Details:

  • You can now filter this report by staff group.



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