CRM Link to LMN Time Jobs

Jobs in LMN Time will now have a hard-link to a Contact in your CRM; this allows for faster job setup/changes and maintain data consistency across your account.


You will notice some fields are now unable to be edited, as these fields will be auto-populated based on the information within your CRM (ie. Job Address, Customer Name, Customer Address). 

If you need to make changes to the client you had selected (ie. update the address, add a new contact/jobsite), you can do so by:

  1. Click the Binoculars next to Client's name.
  2. A new tab will open directly into that Client in your CRM.
  3. Make your necessary edits.
  4. Press Save Changes.
  5. Refresh your browser in LMN Time and your changes will appear on the Job.

To toggle between Contacts or Jobsites OR if you wish to select an entirely different Client in the CRM to link to this Job:

  1. Click on the Client's Name.
  2. A new Link Job to CRM screen will appear.
  3. 2.JobsInfo2.PNG
  4. To adjust the Contact or Jobsite, click on the drop-down and toggle to your desired choice.
  5. To completely change which Client was selected in the CRM, click Change. The next screen will ask you to either search for an existing Client or add a new Client to you CRM.
  6. Press OK.


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