CRM - ToDos

ToDos are reminders that show up in LMN to make sure specific tasks get done.  Examples include tasks like:

  • Prepare the estimate for Mrs. Smith
  • Meet John for a site visit on Monday the 19th

ToDo options:

  • You can make ToDos for yourself, or you can even assign them to other users in your company.  
  • Assigning/Editing ToDos can trigger e-mail notification.  For more information on how to set up Notifications, click HERE.
  • Typically a ToDo item is attached to a Client/Lead, but it doesn't have to be.  For more information on Managing ToDos/Creating ToDos that are not related to a customer, click HERE.  

ToDos within a Customer will display as shown below.

Creating a ToDo Item

To create a ToDo within your customer, click on + New Todo.

You will then select:

  • The LMN User you wish to assign 
  • The Due Date for the ToDo
  • The Priority for the ToDo: Low, Normal, High or Urgent
  • The Progress level for the ToDo: Pending, In Progress or Complete
  • You can also include Notes or Instructions

For more information on managing ToDo's, click HERE.


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