CRM - Communication History

The Communication History tab will allow you to keep a history of all communication between your company and your customer.  

You can add additional communication here by clicking + New Communication Note.

  • You will select your Communication Type (Phone, E-mail or Note), the date/time and any specifics about the communication.

You can also link your outgoing client e-mails directly to LMN!  

Please follow the steps below to link your e-mails:

  1. Make sure the e-mail address that you are sending FROM is the same e-mail address that you used for your LMN login for your company's LMN Account.
  2. Make sure the e-mail address that you are sending TO is listed in your Contacts tab for your customer.  For more information on Contacts, click HERE.
  3. Make sure you CC or BCC the following e-mail address:

Please allow approximately five minutes after sending for your e-mail to appear in your customer.  If your e-mail still does not appear, please click HERE for troubleshooting.


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