How can I update all of my costs in my Item Catalog?

One of the best ways to increase your item catalog costs across the board is to Export your items using the Export button found in the Materials section of your Item Catalog.

Once you have the Excel file, follow these steps:

  • Insert two Columns next to your Cost column
  • In the first new column this will be the percentage you wish to mark-up your items
  • In the second new column enter the formula =I2*(1+J2) *Use your cells* 
  • Copy that formula down your entire column (highlight cells and Ctrl +D)
  • Highlight the cells for all your new numbers now and Copy (Ctrl + C) then right click
  • Select 'Paste Values'
  • Delete your old Cost column and the Percentage column and rename your new column to Cost

Once you've followed these steps you can save your document and re-import that back into LMN. Here, make sure you have "When a match is found, update the existing item selected."

Select Choose File and pick your updated excel document. Click OK to begin the import.

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