quickbooks error list element List Element is Already in Use ERROR: List Element is Already in Use

A few errors can cause a similar message to pop up when importing to QuickBooks.  Generally, its a matching issue and we would recommend you match or rematch Steps 4, 6, and 7 in the sync tool Settings menu.


For further troubleshooting steps, please reference below:



This error is normally caused when the estimate already exists in QuickBooks with the exact same name and ID.

If you're receiving the following error follow the steps below to fix:


  • Go into your QuickBooks company file
  • Locate the estimate outlined in the error log
  • Change the name of the estimate in QuickBooks
  • Run the Sync tool again



This error can be also be caused when importing timesheets to QuickBooks and a job is not matched in sync tool but the job already exists in QuickBooks. 

If you're receiving this error follow the steps below to resolve:

  • Reimport timesheets in QuickBooks
  • You will receive a warning that jobs are unmatched in sync tool, press OK
    • Drag and drop QuickBooks' job to unmatched Job in sync too
    • Double-check your matched jobs - if they are matched to unknown (pictured below) rematch accordingly


Another area to check; when importing timesheets to QuickBooks and a Vendor in Quickbooks is using the same name as your Job Name, you will also get this error. If this is the case, you will want to change that vendor's name in your QuickBooks file, or the name of the Job itself in LMN Time before importing the Timesheet.  








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