Adding Clients/Leads

LMN's CRM was built to handle both new leads and existing clients.

  • Entering Leads will help track when leads are coming in, who is handling them, store + share key lead information across all user in your company and help with sales reporting
  • Client records will do all the same as the above, plus it will reduce time spent entering client and address info when building estimates.

We have options to add in Clients/Leads manually, or to import your list of Clients/Leads.  

  • For information on importing your list of Clients/Leads, click HERE
  • Read below if you are adding Clients/Leads manually.

Creating Clients/Leads Manually

To begin adding your clients/leads in one at a time, click on Contacts.

Click on +New.

Add your Contact/Billing Info and Primary Contact information and click OK.

After you click OK, you will land on the Customer's General Info tab.  For more information on Customer Information, click HERE.


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