Creating and Managing your Customer List in LMN


LMN's CRM feature allows you to build a database of leads and customers, along with addressescontactsjobsitescommunication history and to-dos for each customer/lead.  You'll be able to link estimates directly to a customer and specific jobsite, track where your leads are coming from, manage your customers by tags, and import/export lists via .csv files.

Using the CRM tool will come in handy not only for Estimating, but for creating Jobs in LMN Time as well!

To navigate to LMN's CRM feature, click on CRM (found under Budget) in your LMN Menu on the left-hand side of your screen.


The following video will provide you with a quick snapshot of the features LMN's CRM includes.  To watch this video, click Watch Video below. 

This section of Articles will assist you in the creation of your CRM.  If you are looking for instructions on Managing your CRM, please click HERE.


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