Set Up Your Company Information + Logo

Setting up your company information and logo is especially important for good-looking estimates.  Your estimate headers and footers will be populated with your logo and other company contact information, and the text comes direct from your Company Information settings.

To setup your company information:

  1. Click the Account menu on the left menu
  2. Click the Company Info sub menu
  3. Fill out your company contact information.  Make it neat and professional-looking for a polished, professional appearance on your estimates
  4. Upload your company logo
    1. Logo Note: For best results, your logo should be oriented horizontally and have an aspect ratio of no greater than 5.8:1. This means that if your logo is 580 pixels wide, it should be no higher than 100 pixels to display optimally. You may upload higher resolution artwork, as long as it is at or close to the 5.8:1 aspect ratio in the preceding example. For assistance with your logo, please contact LMN Support.
    2. Your logo must be in .jpg or .png format




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