crew notes estimates faq job planner notes job planners How do I setup crew notes on my estimates?

You can add Crew Notes to your estimates - these notes will display on internal documents only (such as Job Planners), these notes will also show up on your foreman's phone when they clock into specific tasks.

Crew notes can be used for:

  • Specific customer/job information.
  • Task/Tool Checklists.
  • Any internal communication you wish to share with your crews while they are onsite.

Please note: We would suggest limiting the amount of text you include in these notes as they will be displayed on your crew's phones during clock in.  

Adding Crew Notes

  • Click on the Crew Notes tab for your estimate.

  • Select the specific Work/Service Areas within your estimate that you wish to add information to.  Make sure you click on the appropriate area to add text (as shown below with Patio Excavation).


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