guide app lmn time app foreman foreman training lmn time training app training learn supervisor crew lead Using the LMN Time App (Foreman Training)

We suggest watching the following videos to gain an understanding of the LMN Time App.  These videos are also great for training your field staff!  To access these videos, click Watch below.

Note - you can watch these videos with Closed Captioning in Spanish with these simple instructions!

  1. When the video starts, click the button on the bottom that says CC
  2. You should now see English subtitles.  To change them to Spanish, simply:
    1. Click the Settings button right beside the CC button (it looks like a little gear)
    2. Click the Subtitles/CC option (it will default to English (generated))
    3. Click the Auto-Translate option
    4. Choose the Spanish option

Now the video will play with Spanish subtitles.  Note this works for ALL LMN training videos!


Using the LMN Time App (the Basics)


Using the LMN Time App (Advanced)


In the Basic video, we will cover:

  • Logging in to the LMN Time app
  • Starting a new timesheet
    • Editing the timesheet date
  • Clocking into a new job
  • Clocking into a specific group or route
  • How to search for a job
  • Viewing & clocking in to a daily schedule
  • Choosing employees (your crew)
  • Choosing a task 
  • Editing dates/times on timesheets
  • Switching jobs (on the same timesheet)
  • Marking services as complete
  • Tracking material quantities
  • Clocking out (ending your shift)
  • Reviewing your hours on a timesheet
  • Submitting your timesheet

In the Advanced video, we will cover:

  • Fixing an incorrect date or time on a timesheet
  • Fixing (swapping) a job or task on a timesheet
  • Marking services or materials as complete before you leave the jobsite
  • Marking an employee as absent or late
  • Reviewing the progress on a job or visit (estimated vs. actual hours)
  • How to search for and find a job on a map

Click here to download the LMN Time app Setup Guide



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