guide add user add new user new user add foreman add employee add staff Adding New Staff / Employees to LMN Time

NOTE: If this employee is an EXISTING LMN user and currently has access to LMN Budgeting & Estimating, please click HERE

The following guide will walk you through how to add a new employee/user directly within LMN Time. You would add staff with these steps if they do not need access to Budgeting and Estimating:

  1. Log in to LMN Time
  2. Click Staff.
  3. Click +Employee at the bottom-right corner.
  4. Add Employee window will pop-up. Enter employee First and Last Names.
  5. Select the Type of user that you wish to assign:
    • Regular Employee: field laborers that will have their time track by a supervisor/foreman
      • if you select this option, press OK and you are done.
    • Supervisor/Foreman: only has access to the LMN Time app
    • Administrator: has full access to both the Administrator page and the LMN Time App

      • Skip Payroll Warnings?: if you wish to have this employee disregard receiving a Payroll Warning (based on your Settings), checkmark this box.

      • Payroll Warning Threshold: if left a "0 hours", it will use the default hours entered in your Settings. If you wish to assign a different amount of hours to receive a Payroll Warning, enter the value here.

      • Subcontractor: if this employee is a Subcontractor, ensure you checkmark this box. This person will NOT appear in your Quickbooks Sync Tool when syncing Timesheets into Quickbooks.

      • Salaried: if this employee is a Salaried employee, ensure you checkmark this box. Now LMN Time will use the "Salary" Payroll Codes you've set up to ensure they are paid as a Salaried employee when their timesheets sync into Quickbooks.

  6. If Supervisor/Foreman or Administrator is selected, a grey box will appear on the right-hand side.
  7. Under Login Account, select New Login.
  8. Fill out the necessary fields (ie. email, username, password). 
    PLEASE NOTE: an email address MUST be entered and it must be UNIQUE (you cannot share email addresses across users). Their username must also be UNIQUE as this spans across our entire LMN Time database (ie. mowcrew1 might already be in use). 
  9. Authorize the $9.99 fee by checkmarking the box.
  10. Press OK.

The change is effective immediately and the employee can now log into the LMN Time app.

Click here to view a video on setting up Staff



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